Muntjac in the Moonlight

Your figure was slight, little muntjac

and pale like a baby's cold hand

I saw you and found that you moved me

Like powerful winds move the trees


Your fright, little muntjac, amused me

For I was not one you should fear

The laughter was bitter, my muntjac

Who but me would cause fear in the sweet?


I wanted to hold you, small muntjac

Your fur would've felt gold like warmth

Impressed me you did, little muntjac

My stone heart was crushed into tears


I needed you, my little muntjac

to comfort me, nuzzle my face

We could have been best friends, companions

Our love could have lasted all time


But left me you did, little muntjac

Walked off like I wasn't there

The blizzards were harsh, little muntjac

That night, I was chilled to the core


And though I'm alone now, small muntjac

And though I'm distraught, in despair

I'll never forget you, my muntjac

Our moment was diamonds - it shone

The End

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