Mum <3

Something I wrote for my mum's 50th birthday, she's smaller then me but will always have a bigger heart <3

From the day my life began

My future was planned

I spent my childhood with you

When you stood tall and held my hand.


Now the tables have turned

And look who’s not so tall

But you’re still stood beside me

When I need someone to call


50 is the big one

It’s golden, just like you

Yes, we’ll always love you

Because you’ll always love us too


You’ve struggled through a lot

We know you never gave up

You fought for us and kept us safe

From when our hearts first went ‘tup-tup’


I’ll always say you’re beautiful

Because I’ll always believe it’s true

You’ll never change, you’ll stay the same

No matter what we do


I might not be the best of children

And I definitely don’t deserve you

But I want to make a promise

If you be my Kanga, I’ll be your Roo

The End

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