String Theorists and multiversists unite!

I don't know how to begin

but neither did most of us

so I start with a bang,

not the Big Bang,

but a smaller recreation,

using my own universe,

not the multiverse that cannot escape

the depths of my mind.

I love you and this love

it is the kind that curls my cheeks towards

my eyes that I wish you could see,

the kind that my mother notices

when she hasn't before,

the kind where I am taking the butterflies

from my stomach

to put in terranium ornaments.

The multiverse is simply

many universes together.

I'm so entranced by the idea

I want it to be real but the real multiverse

is nothing like fiction.  It's not where

there are other universes from other choices

but just other places.  I was never born there,

and if I was,

I'm dead now.  Light travels too fast for us

to discover something,

come up with means to get there,

get there,

and it's gone by the time you touch it.

I told you that I loved you

out of the entire multiverse, but

how could I not.

How could I not compare you to something that is already dead,

something with it's own strings and hearts and DNA and

dimensions wholly different from ours.


I cannot compare our love to something not

there anymore,

nothing but fond memories of light,

but maybe I can.

Dark matter pushes

and dark emotions push as well.

Set an egg timer

and when you're done with me,

decide if you like me well enough

to keep going.

The multiverse is just a theory

after all.

The End

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