❙mpossible to ℒive

you thought it was impossible

for her to leave you.

impossible to die.

but she left you alone to suffer the heartache

that would never pass.

it would never leave and always roam in your mind

never giving you peace

for you loved her so dearly and she was gone.

where would you go without her?

you roamed streets

empty and alone

never forgiving God for what He had done to you,

when in fact He had done nothing at all.

and you hoped in your heart that you would die, too

to be with her once more.

but you did not take your own life,

for your heart told you there was something still missing on earth,

that if you did not find it before you passed

you would have lost her once more.

but that missing something

did not come, and you were helpless.

for it was truly impossible to live

on earth,

when you knew in your soul

the one you loved who had passed

was not alive anymore.

you would never have her again.

The End

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