Mowing the Lawn For the First Time


This is the lawnmower. It’s petrol

powered so it takes a while to get started;

just give this cord three or four sharp pulls

and you’re ready to go. It’s a bit loud isn’t it?

How do you turn it off again?


Just lower this lever so it’s half way down,

this one, on the handle bars, then flick that

switch under the petrol can. It’s fiddly but

you’ll find it. How do you know how to do all this?

Because my dad taught me just like I’m teaching you,


now, once you’ve done about half the lawn,

it’s likely you’ll need to empty the grass. But before

you do that you’ve got to lower the power. Then you

lift this bit up and pull it away, take it to

the bin and shake it all in.


It’s like shaking spider eggs from an abdomen. Exactly,

and when you’ve jiggled it in place you can

carry on. Just remember, clumps of grass

on the lawn mean it needs emptying. What about

the blades? What about them?


I don’t want to get razored. You won’t, they’re

protected by a big metal shell, just keep

the mower up right and don’t step close when

you’re walking. I don’t want my shoes to get

ripped either. Right, let’s try it shall we?


You hold the handlebars and I’ll stand behind you,

we’ll push it together to start with. I think I’ll be ok.

All right then, go ahead. Just remember: three sharp pulls,

maximum power, clumps of grass, half the power, turning it off

is the switch underneath.

The End

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