Moving Shadows

Another poem based on the sightings of possibly inter-dimensional beings known as "shadow people," (and shadow animals) describing them and a way one might react to them.
I've also had some brief mild encounters with these things, so Its kind of from experience.

Moving Shadows.

Moving shadows on the wall
Maybe you've seen them, they're strange and tall
Some of them look like men with hats
While others look like small black cats.

I don't understand why they stare at us 

When we stare back they disappear
We are afraid, and don't know what they want
They have no eyes but they see us here.

When the night seems darker than it should ever be
From the corner of my eye I'll see
Those sinuous shapes that dart away
No matter what we do, they'll always stay.

Blacker than my shadow, stranger than yours
Often they slink fast on all fours
Like our beloved animal friends
Walking along in twos or tens.

When it's dark in the house, they seem to know
When the lights go off, they begin their show
Dancing, prancing, on the walls
They walk and writhe and twitch and crawl
The ones like men, I can feel them stare
I see them here, and everywhere.

They come from somewhere, but not from here

Could it be that they come for our fear?
There are places that we can't quite see
Places frightening to you and me
We've seen them in nightmares; we've seen them in our heads.
Those places are alive, and never will be dead.

The shadows come, and move on the walls
When we come to watch they go away
I wonder what would happen if we talked to one
And asked why it has a right to stay?

Darkness is different than it used to be
We open our eyes and we still can't see
Anything but shadows, and the place of our fears
And our inner landscapes, far and near.

Is any of this real, or is it all in our minds?
Are we running out of time?
To get away from the shadows, and what they represent
Or should we try and see what they really meant?

Moving shadows on the wall
We're not understanding, not at all
Of where they come from and what they want
But as long as we're here, it's us that they'll haunt.


The End

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