Moving pictures

The words of a wiseman comes trembling down, like waves of an ocean draw nearer,
the anchors away bring the lovers astray, and all that was given is taken,
and now these words that were eloquently yours, have changed like the stormy weather,
I gathered the mystery solved with a sin, and you came and left me missing,
you  told me some things that I would forget, but only if time is forgiving,
A love that we shared has become to ensnared,
and once again I fell weightless,
Falling apart I felt decades afar, you whispered "I'll always be with you"
Carefully climb, through the cobwebs of lies, as my heart turns back the times,
but memories now are still memories then, and moving pictures are movies,
I entertain as they keep me sane, for my heart always blustered, always moving
A nomad has no home for me now, as changed paces break through the silence,
somedays I feel, that we can be here, then again, its more then just a question,
California draws nearer to my age of sorrow, the words in my memories hear her,
but drifting along this endless dream I have drawn, I cannot remember what I feared,
lost words that came and conquered the nightmare, are forever remembered stronger,
I have forged these bonds with iron and ore,
But the chains will hold me no longer

The End

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