moving on, holding tight..

i am a child of divorce. hooray.

Through thick & thin

i watched your skin,

heal and grow anew.

The darkest woes

and deepest lows,

made me strong for you.

To save some face

i fought with grace,

the three of us stayed true.

Now my eyes see

you dont need me,

my work here is through.

The times have changed

youve rearranged,

and now your moving on.

Leave all the pain

and all the blame,

right here in my palm.

Though you may turn

and walk away,

blinded by the sun.

Ill hold it tight

while i sleep at night,

so free you two can run.

You cant forget

the trials we've met,

and burried one by one.

The tears the pain

the memories,

more that are sure to come.

Though i love you

(and this is true),

you've hurt me once again.

Ill hold your hand

while i stand,

soaking in the rain.

The End

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