Moving On.

We were one and the same,

but that was before you left.

That was before you tore out

my Heart and ran, leaving a hole

in my chest. Before you left me

feeling hollow.

What happened between us?

What happened to love we shared?

It's gone now, and I am no longer hollow.

I have regained my Heart, wiped you from its memory,

 and have moved on. You and I may be friends,

but I now know that you can't be with me.

I have the strength to not look back and

feel the pain that you caused me.

I have the strength to look for a brighter future.

        With or without you at my side.

And you won't be able to take that strength from me.

So good bye, if that's what it must be.

Or hello, if you choose to remain my friend.

But I won't go chasing after you anymore.

And if you want to chase after me,

that's fine by me, but you have to prove

yourself if you want my Heart.

 When we were together, I didn't play

with your Heart, like you did to mine.

I kept it safe, and loved it with all my will.

Now, I won't trust you as much. I'll still

love you, but I won't trust you.

Because I'm moving on to work on my future.

The End

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