Moved On

this is the official OFFICIAL end to the "Letters to Joshua" exercise I wrote a while back...
You can say you've moved on,but that doesn't mean that its true y'know? But,this time, I feel like I've finally Moved On.

i read the poems i wrote for you,

shredded edges of paper tear-stained and smeared with ink

and i think that it doesn't hurt as much,

as it used to.

i think that i've finally forgotten the pressure of your fingertips on my bare skin,

and i think ive finally forgotten the beat to which your heart sings,

and my heart is healed,

and my lungs have finally remembered how to breathe efficiently,

and i can stand upright again with out gasping because the memories are so heavy in my chest...

i remember you and the way you set me on fire,

but i have felt nothing at all.

The End

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