This is about a little girl seeing a mouse in her house at night. (btw i made this up on the spot!)

She woke up that night in her small room,

And she had the sudden urge to spray perfume.

When sat up right in her comfy bed,

She could've sworn she saw something fall from over her head!

Thoughts went through her head of what this might be.

She thought of a mouse! Could it be?

Behind her desk, she saw a small pink tail.

Then, she let out an ear-piercing wail!!

She ran to her mother, and held her tightly.

For she knew she wouldn't take this lightly

"I never thought in our house, would be a nasty, stinky, little mouse!"

Her mother closed her eyes, and started to pout.

But she thought her mother would scream and shout!

Her mother stood up and ran to the girl's room

And with her, she took a big broom!

Her chin was high and her eyes were wide

But she was frustrated when her mother said "Stay behind!"

In the end of it all, there was no mouse!

In fact, there were no creatures crawling around the house

What she saw as a tail,

Was her play wedding veil.

This isn't it! So don't exhale!

For next week, she might see a whale!




The End

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