Don’t open the door if they want in

They see the light, they see it

Swarms of eager insect grins

They see the light, they see it.


Fluttering, probing, twitching

At the windows, hungry, seeking

Backlit by the scimitar moon

Unheard language leaking.


Glinting wings, black eyes, feelers

Watchful, quick and watchful

Singing silent, nightmare dealers

 They see your light, they see it.


They’ll cocoon you squirming in your bed,

If you’re chosen to sleep forever.

They’ll lay eggs inside your head

Quivering, shivering, jittering.

It’s not the porch light that they want

For countless summers here they haunt

Don’t open the door. Don’t let them in

They need your light, they need it.

The End

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