Mother's Possession

The ultimate disaster turns into a moment of freedom and joy

I look outside my window and the shiny droplets

wink and float down into luminous ecstasy

and I think back on that sweet rainy day

-the day that made my dear mother free

It was a rainy day like today

dark and cloudy as arain day could be

Mother opened her cupboard and admired her collection

of china and crockery that was kept only to see

And certainly those were wonderful china sets

that carried with it great legacy,

stories of family ties and deep down traditions

that could be shattered and damaged with the fragile crockery

Many have counseled but she couldn't get herself

to use those dishes for family or friends

The weight of the legacy seemed to become a burden

that shackled her down to her possession

came then the baby with hands full of gravy

and yanked at her apron with unbridled glee

in a hurry as she looked and reached down

pulled she a plate from the lowermost rung

what followed was a avalanche of crockery

that settled down in a pile of dust- scattered and broken

Tears emerged and one could only imagine the sorrow she felt

at the loss of her dear possession

Turned she and looked at the gravy-smothered culprit

as we waited with breathless silence on the fate of that little dish breaker

with wide eyed silence and quite trepidation

the little child unsure of what the response would be

one glimpse of the the innocence of child

cleared out the emotions of sorrow and pride

and on my dear mother's realisation dawned

finally,the sense of her true possession

a smile shone through as she sweeped up the child,and happily said

-”you my son is worth more , than all my possessions,history and pride”

The End

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