mothers and daughters in the dark

to all the mothers who

left thier children in the dark

i hope you see light and come out of the dark

serching oh serching

you left all alone

nowhere to go feelings of abandonment

generations and generations of this

when will this seze to excist?

torn apart bye ignorence

looking out for ones best intrest

open to your womb

you left me in a black room

now it has come to this

mothers and daughters being killed

selfishness that make us ill

so what a thrill

all the ones who are talking

they get shot

and the killers are still walking

so i sit and see this mess

so where are the families best interest

governed bye the money factory

the innocent get killed

and the next day its all history

john lennon is too loud

and so is the rest of the crowed

so who is better now

this is the world we live in

and noone cares

just a word or two on television

then the ballgame continues to play

they say oh its ok

its all spiritual

where are the mothers and daughter now

they are six feet undergroud

bravo to the system

and bravo to our

united families

wow we should be so proud indeed

we will feel the sarrow of the wind eventualy

so this is me in poetry

i hope we all feel good one day

and realize how ignorent we all played

The End

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