Motherly Instincts

She talks about motherly instincts--
Protecting, sheltering, physically.
She doesn’t have kids yet.
Though she does have dogs.
And I know what she means, anyway.

But she doesn’t see the whole picture.
Mothers need children to learn.
Instincts are not your pathetic fears 
Of feeling incapable of sparing your child 
An instant of pain or embarrassment.

Yet she talks and talks
And looks down on me
And gives me advice
In passing.
She’s a school teacher,
So she KNOWS kids,
More than I could ever hope to.
The beautiful images
I have in my head
Of what my children will be...

Pipe dreams.

She’s positive I’m no different from her,
Her mother,
My mother,
Or anyone.
How could I possibly, 
With no formal training,
With no field experience,
Be right?


If I knew, I wouldn’t be writing this.

The End

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