"Mother Nature's Warning"

"Mother Nature's Warning"

Today is August Twenty-ninth 
Two thousand and five
Mother Nature gave us all a
warning, a final sign that we must change our
ways and behaviours and attitudes
towards this great planet
for if we don't she will destroy it all like she did


Today is August twenty-ninth
Two thousand and five 
The day that Mother Nature killed more then 
Maybe we should listen to her
Why did she start? Why did she never stop?
How many more people are going to have to suffer before we take heed of her
message that she delievers so
Painfully clear that sounds with crystal clarity?

When do we cease with the mindset of
'Well it's too late now'
and begin wiht the mindset of 
'More then eighty-one billion dollars is way too much to just push aside ...
start doing something different!' 

Today is August twenty-ninth
Two thousand and five
Today their was an


message sent straight through the heart of the Bayou.
today the world recieved a warning from the most powerful and vengeful
Mother ever 
Today was Mother Nature's Warning!

*Dedicated to the more then eighteen million people who's lives were cut short" 

June 29, 2009  


The End

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