Mother Natures Greatest Play

A fantastic poem all about the beauty of mother nature in Winter.

When it rains, how do we feel?

And when it snows, does it chill your soul like steel?


Like the world is crying with you,

every drop that falls is another tear in a lonely soul's eye.


Or perhaps we get a warm feeling inside?

Sitting next to a fire with arms around the one you love.


The rain tip-toes over the roof like grains of sand in an hour-glass,

washing away time while drinking life into the colours of winter.


Purple, white, blue, yellow, orange flowers dance the ballet of nature

as drops of white gold puppeteer the flowers in their rain dance,

feeding their growth, painting the colours.


Clouds of black cast deep shadows over the land.

Thick grey warships glide over the sodden ground,

firing their machineguns of water continuously on the fields below.


When the snow falls, what do we see?


A sheet of grey is lifted, and a blanket of white settles on the soaked ground.

Heavy flakes glide through the super-chilled air to settle on all things unsheltered.

A single snowflake hits a lone flower & caresses its petals

as it slides its way to the quickly disappearing ground beneath the white carpet.


A small boy rushes out of his house in excitement

wrapped up in layer upon layer of warmth to meet the falling ice

on its slow, prolonged flight from heaven to join its counterparts on earth.


Birds dart and dodge the falling flakes in an attempt to find warmer air.

They chirp to their comrades, warning of the dangers ahead,

Yet chorusing a beautiful melody to the sun,

asking politely to return in the sky and burn away the bitter air

that ensnares the fields below the formation of Sparrows.


When the sun returns to its full glory, what will we find?


A golden saint forces its gold rays through the roof of clouds,

and begins to heal and warm Mother Nature once again.

Her friend the sun comes to her aid.


Warmth ensues on our skin while a bitter chill claws at our ankles.

Step out into the orange light and the wall of happiness once again fills our bodies as the bright rays filter down through the melting icebergs floating on the sea of lightest blue above our heads.


The sun creeps low over the peach sky,

casting beams of warmth and glow across the bright white landscape.

Pine trees sparkle golden yellow, deep green

as the giant amber medallion shines over the perfect white snow.


This is winter, Mother Nature's greatest play


The End

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