mother may i

i wish i could sit here and write about

you..... me.... us.... no trust

you abandoned me when i was only 3

but yet people dont get why  i still love you

yern to see you

wishing i knew the other half of me

even after what ive went through

and you calling one time out of the blue

when you havent seen me in who knows how long

dont get me wrong

at lease the last time i remeber

no running into your arms

cant remeber your face

its lost in space

all this and self harm

no luck charm but you my mom

and my dad

that guy in the wheel chair

really, was life that bad?

but im here on this stage

ready to tunr the page without you

this pain slowly turning into rage

but you with your new crew

i guess you dont need me

just going to leave it alone

cause at the end of the day

i know where i stay

with my tears on this pillow

dont need a hug or comfort

im not that little

you missed those years

all i know is you makeing me stonger

dont even try and come near me

but a part of me doesnt want you away any longer

my 2 sisters  and i, maybe somemore

those days when we had to sleep on the floor

one run away

i dont know where the other stays

but im still here

i feel like im the mother

stilling loveing you

when your still young and have no clue

all i have to say is love you

just push through

do it for me

cause im still healing from this scraped knee

but mother may i.....

The End

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