Mother Earth

My poem is about Mother Earth and what it looks like to me and what it means to me.

The beautiful nature

Surrounds us everywhere

To every tree and pasture

It's also here and there.


The fresh rivers that slice through

The luscious trees in our view

Gorgeous mountains and plants

In the wind is where the grass dance.


Flowers bloom under the heart warming sun

Knowing that Spring has just begun

All the seasons bring different moods

Also bring tasty foods.


Crisp air that brings me to life

The wind that goes through such strife

So fast and so slow

Wondering how far will it ever go.


Oceans as far as the eye can see

To see new land, the ocean is key

Blue with life that flies

Lurking beneath the baby blue skies


Earth is a beautiful work of art

Perfected for us to take part

The world has so much wonder

But the world must too go to slumber...

The End

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