Mother and Daughter

a poem

You are to me as twice received, blessings born,

by all that is true and whole, in heaven’s light.

So doubled nature in her eyes with care and joy,

a mother’s love returned by daughter’s embrace.


My heart is stilled by love deeply shared,

and witness to such kindness, grows eternal.

A mother’s passion rekindled is reborn,

by daughter’s smile, touch and laughter, returned.


Still, such grace is evermore alight, twice shared,

where tears are softened and fears forgotten.

And yesterday’s wounds, too many years counted,

become today’s healing, by mother and daughter.


So, bring your love and unspoken darkness, unfettered,

and share your fears of twilights spent in silence.

You are beautiful, loved and never alone.

You are to me as twice received, blessings born.

The End

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