Mostly in Silhouette

You appear
Under a heady influence
Mostly in silhouette
Everything changing around you
Rebel of paradise
Trapped in the hourglass
Posing wordlessly
How does it look?

You disappear
Recognized by misattribution
The shadows of what you said stalk me
From the bushes under far-off streetlights
Through yellow articles running for days
An iron spear forged in secret
Robed in the firelight of its birth
Dressed in scarlet, respectable to the touch
Carried breathlessly and heedlessly
Tempered by wonder to the eye
Cooled by time to the ear
The sound of our sin's brassy toll

The best pseudonym is the worst creation
Condemnation and reprieve
Quoted widely but only named elsewhere
Let me fly your cenotaph from my sleeves

You can pretend to be meticulous
Dividing lust and conjuring love
How can we tell you the truth in the dark?
We can disagree about Hitchcock later
Your terms are understood
You don't come back any more
You reappear

The End

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