Umi SaysMature

Sometimes I don’t wanna be a soldier,
Some days I just wanna put my gun down;
Every moment I want to spend with her,
My little girl and her make-believe crown.
I’d rather protect her cardboard castle
Than kill a man for another tassel.
But this oil is just so fucking precious,
More valuable than my own flesh and blood,
So I’ll just eat my sand-coated breakfast
And take more life than a biblical flood,
While my baby cries out for her Daddy,
And I miss her tender hugs so badly.
Dear daughter I’m writing to let you know
That Daddy won’t be home for Christmas day.
I wish I could play with you in the snow
But I have to keep these Bad men at bay.
So be strong, don’t cry – I’ll be home real soon,
To tuck you in and sing your goodnight tune.

You see the black lies that they make me tell?
She’s not only growing up without me,
She’ll learn that I’m a liar as well.
What kind of role model can I be?
I won’t go home, I can’t escape this place;
I just hope that she’ll remember my face.

The End

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