Dear Detective Vincent Vaughn Junior:
How are you?
I hope you’re still not sore about that bank I robbed
With my crew?
Please tell me you didn’t waste too much of your time
Gathering clues.
‘Cause oh, Sonny Boy, you’d be better off
Reading the news.

Now I’m not saying you’re an incompetent buffoon,
Oh no sir!
Of all the coppers working my case you are the
One I prefer.
Were it not for you I might no longer be an
So thanks for spending so much time chasing that innocent

I hope this letter finds you and your lovely wife well…
Oh, that’s right.
I heard she left you ‘cause you were so consumed by
What I write.
And I guess dreaming of my pretty face makes for
Real long nights.
So good for you, not letting that old ball and chain keep you
From this fight!

I’m doing real good, been busy drinking and tanning
Ever since dawn.
You should come on down here, I highly recommend
The local prawns.
Are you getting all excited about coming for a visit?
Sorry, Vaughn.
By the time that you get where I’m standing
I’ll be gone.

The End

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