The distance between
The ideal and the bills

Tears my heart apart,
My innocence it kills.

Gotta pay the rent,
Can’t quit our empty jobs -
Even if it drains
Our soul and makes us sob.

The truth is so plain:
We all just want to be
Smiling and laughing,
Living life happily.

But Daddy left them,
So now Mommy works more
To keep them fed but
She don’t sing like before.

How can we expect
To stop being lepers
When fast food costs less
Than a pound of peppers?

Sugar is so cheap,
It might as well be free.
But want free range eggs?
Not on that salary!

Get some exercise,
A lungful of fresh air?
Who has the time when
The kitchen shelves are bare?

Oh this status quo
Takes work to just sustain;
Nothing seems to change,
So why even complain?

The End

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