Mos Def'initely InspiredMature

A collection of poems inspired by the music and lyrics of Mos Def

Alright, listen up.

I wanted some kinda explanation,
An intro if you will,
To give all of y’all a proper foundation
For the ink I’m ‘bout to spill.
So just settle down a bit
And I’ll get right to it.

This right here is what I propose to do:
Listen to songs by Mos Def, both old and new;
Take my time and really hear it,
And then draw inspiration from his lyrics.

For example:

While I’m writing this
I’m listening to Mathematics,
A track that adds up social numbers
That make for uncomfortable slumbers.

But I’m not here to rap about the songs,
About whether I think they’re right or wrong;
I’m just gonna listen to the tracks,
Take them into my body and then spit them back.

Inspiration might come from a particular line,
Or from two words and the way they were combined;
It could be as simple as the song’s title,
The reason for its inclusion in this recital.

Yeah this is marked Mature cuz I’m gonna swear a l’il bit,
But I won’t be dabbling in unnecessary bullshit.
And just like the Mighty Mos Def
I’ll be hitting you with my right and my left;
This won’t be page after page of rapping,
There are ballads on this terrain I plan on mapping.

Finally, a quick word on the format.
Your confusion I hope to combat
By letting you know that if something is in bold,
It don’t belong to me, it’s Mos Def’s own.
I ain’t gonna take credit for his work,
Like some kind of ungrateful delusional jerk.

Alright, you get the idea, I know,
So let me get on with the show;
Don’t work yourself into an impatient rage,
This here collection starts on the next page.

So welcome one and all,
Take a seat by the fire.
Yes welcome one and all,
To Mos Def’initely Inspired.


The End

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