One day,
I decided to build a house.

The foundations were laid
As we danced in the ashes of before.
The tears tasted so sweet,
They were saluting the icy smiles.

Does the architect wonder
To the personalities of near-residents?
The clasping and cracking
Of knuckles? Clink and twinkle of keyrings?

It crushed my shoulders,
Knowing you now you're inside me. 
Just a whisper of some far-off whim,
A steadfast justification.

The windows slam open,
Can we listen to the walls?
Acting with no years to live
A fast-track ticket to inconsistency.

Smiling on a downward spiral
Sinking oh so slowly into the sea.
But the sight of blood compelled me
And you are the result.

At least, if you look from outside.

Outside the house,
Tears rolling down dusty cheeks.
Such a beautiful house
Burnt to a crisp

But this was only beginning.
Play the bedtime song.
I've been swimming in another sea,
Drowned in sweet seconds eclipsed by years of horror.

We only loosen our grip according to you
And the small hours of morn
Disturbed by inexplicable,
Unexplained falls.

I try, but I battle a river of blood
I just drown in a sea of knives.
Despite everything that's been said
You echo from my throat.

I'm just here for those perfect seconds
Everything falls into place,
And I can't help but smile.

The End

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