Morbid Reminiscence

"Morbid Reminiscence"

I solemnly questioned myself: "why shall I fear death?"

If I'm ready for its glare, so close and imminent;

Bereavement, this I'm not afraid, that I resent;

I'll carry this vow 'till the last of my breath. 

This persona and attribution, I had theft;

This life I had lived, so brunneous, so blunt;

My purpose that I have taken for grant;

Forget me not, for I still have not left.


Bleeding, my heart is rusted zheleza;

Agonizing, my soul is tainted opal;

I have lost my dignity and pulchritude.


My body, possessed with logorrhea;

My faults and regrets, clearer than a crystal.

Unchain me from this suffering's magnitude.  

The End

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