How can it be,
That when I look at humanity,
All I ever see,
Is a vacuum entitled morality,

We were once sceptical of what was ethical,
But today we're morally questionable,
And easily impressionable,

Now pornography,
Has become an industry,
And prostitution,
is becoming an institution,

When did we grow our inhumanity?,
And make evil our normality?,
As we care only for our vanity,
And blame our ills on god and christianity,

But is it really god's fault we're fucked?,
It was man that rebelled,
Creating his own code of conduct,
For that we were expelled,

But returning to 2000 A.D.
And our generation of anarchists,
Who do nothing but disagree,
And say their pissed,
Ignorant of the point they've missed,

This cannot be all there is,
Heading down this sharp descent,
And a strong feeling of Discontent,
If our situation persists,
Then we will forever be lost in this abyss,

Generation after generation,
We're failing as a nation,

Poor education with no motivation,
Leading to the breakdown of communication,
Discrimination over assimilation,

And the declining gene pool...

Children following by imitation,
This "circle of life" is continuing it's acceleration,
It's no wonder we feel frustration and desperation,
If we don't get out of our situation, annihilation will be our salvation,

But the saddest part of all,
How can it possibly be,

That even though brutality and fatality now goes hand in hand with spirituality,
It is still going to get a lot worse, that I guarantee,
Until we inevitably bring ourselves to face our mortality,

But until the day that sinners pray, And Saint's go out to play,
We will just continue to decay.
The End

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