Planet earth, our only home,

how can we stay, not ever rome?

Your shelter has provided a few years ago, 

but now, things are not so.

We try to sit, and stay so still,

but it’s hard to wait, even with our human will.

What do we do? Stay or go?

Will it be quick if we so choose? Or will leaving come so very slow?

Who here knows?

What ever happens, will we be in peace? Or will we be left alone, without a trace?

Only one can answer, only one can tell, so should we try to know as well? Should we ask as best we can, or do and say all, in our way? 

Things will come as they may. Fast and slow, first and last. Trying to answer without some help, can make you driven to a frustrating yelp. So be as it is, ask and hope, not disbelieve and mope.

The End

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