A departing of souls who did not coexist as well as they wished...

One moment of sheer circumstance

Looked thoughtless upon time

This circumstance that had wielded the light of the sun

The last rays speaking heavily upon vast fields

A tireless home, that moor

That place I had ventured subtly in doubt

And once with passion hidden in the cloves of my skin

I found the solstice of winter upon your cheeks

Circmstance was called upon

Brought you up and thought me beautiful enough

To hold your hand

And without thought I slipped away

Into the folds of your kindred skin

And still I could find the cold

That silent sweeping feeling and fringe

That held you fast in circumstance

I could not bear to see this so

And I wandered tired among tireless hills

Accustomed to thoughts that weren't my own

I found them on your mouth

Though still they held whispers of Winter

And then I found

My Spring Moor had left

Tired the mornings became

And your cheeks became pink

You were brought to me in silence

Face lifted brightly in the fresh morning

And I could find no fault in your eyes

Whistling cold wind brought the Winter to your nostrils

Breathe it in, hold the circumstance

Release your pity and drown your thoughts

I wish not to hear them; I wish not to take them

Leave me alone in bundles of sheer sun

Let me leave my moor, my home

Let me take my caution to the wind and roam

let me go

I watched your rays of cold Winter grasp the dead hills

Watched the sun and all hope leave your desolate eyes

I could not hold myself rooted to you

You held no warmth

I could not feel or see you

I became as tireless as those feilds of hills had always been

And found a piece of circumstance of my own

In my heart warmed and tasted for touch

Left broken upon a hill bathed in sunlight

Bought by sheer circumstance, willing and feeling,

Rethought was my morals and I was a new being.

Sighmoon, age 13, 7/3/10, 8:18 pm

The End

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