Moonlight Trees

Bored, wrote this. It's not very good.

Moonlight trees, a summer’s evening.

As blackened trees stand

In glory and peace.

For this ancient land is still feeling

The throes of war, the tides of blood

The cries that shook

Our ancestors

To their cores, their spirits reeling.


A cracking twig, a sound

To break the heartfelt silence

That permeates the land,

I once called home.

A footstep behind, quickens

As my heart is racing, and I find

Myself running, through a sea of trees

The steps behind me fall hard and fast

And ragged breath follows.


A flash, a bang

At once the world is alive

With the cleansing touch of fire

That burns from the mouth

Of hell itself

And consumes all

That stand in his way.


The fires burn, forever.

As in my heart, forever

The memories of home,

Of ancient spirits,

Of mother, of father,

Do embrace me in death, forever.

The End

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