Moonlight SerenadeMature

It's just about that time again..

lights out
there is no doubt
what’s about to happen between
you and me

you’re stressed
baby undress
maybe we can make a scene
of fantasy

I’m waiting
thinking of you is like a dream
of ecstasy

pull yourself a little closer
baby lean on my shoulder
and let me whisper to you that everything
will be all right

shades down
amazed how
you continue looking better
all the time

this girl
is my world
and I feel that when I bed her
she is mine

baby lay back
time to get a little wetter
and unwind

wrap your arms around me
and baby, please just hold me
tell me that you want to share everything
with me tonight

our dance
has a romance
and nothing will ever compare
to this feeling

I confide
baby you possess a savor
that’s appealing

start slow
you got control
of my heart, remember it’s there
I need healing

surroundings fading
can’t explain this serenading
but the truth is that you are my everything
it feels so right

touch me
no other place I want to be
than right here

what do you like?
I’ll do whatever you please
so have no fear

can’t stop licking
tasting the sweetest candy
when it is near

conclusions that I’m seeking
baby let me hear that you are peaking
and when we have finished everything
we kiss goodnight

The End

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