moonlight and jasmine

we strolled, you and me,

down the quiet street,from  lamppost to lamppost,

and through all the dappled misty shadows in between,

without a care, we ambled

in this mellowing of our lives and loves.

soft spoken words, we shared,

and even more the silences 

with our shy and whispered glances,

you and me,

side by side,

beneath summer stars

peeking through the magnolia branches.

we then came upon a picket fence,

an old white picket fence,

the work, surely, of an old, old man,

made by hand for his flower growing bride,

still standing,

yet leaning here and there,

as is the way with antique love and southern charm,

and intertwined in tangled waft and warp,

the Jasmine bloomed in late night glory,

its flowery stars reaching out to you and me,

to lightly kiss our cheeks

with sweet, sweet scent,

as if heaven sent,

translating gentle moonlight

into tender love,

softly, softly,

for you and me.



The End

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