This is a little preview of Chapter 5 of Christabel Mordsa, but I figured I'd share it with you now while my ideas are still flowing. :3 Let me know what you think, because I'm not sure what to make of it. Heavily inspired by Celtic mythology.


I awoke one time in the forest

My eyes closed to the night

I wished to see the maiden

For she could be my wife


I came down to her castle

Made of oaken wood

Moonbeam guided my path

To find a new route to tread


See her now

A ray of light in the darkness

See her now

A goddess in the earth


The maiden stood there as if waiting

She looked at me with a smile

Red hair falling to cover her face

In my ignorance of wisdom, I danced with the lass so fair

Two bright lights in a moonbeam

Reflected on her hair


The stars they came to greet us

Let the tides wash down by our side

I have found my new bride


See us now

Two beams of light from the moon there

See us now

The birds come to greet us

Reflected on her hair


Through the night we embraced

This scarlet lover and I

The night parted slowly

Memories engrained in my eyes

Slept with her, my Raven

To be with her until I die


When the dawn arose

The ray of light has left the moonbean

See it now, she is no longer there

Did dreams come to take me

Or did I visit her lair


See it now

A ray of light from the moonbeam

See it now

She is no longer there

I’ve lost my love so fair.

The End

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