Moon Willow

Open your eyes Moon Willow,
Feel the sun beams through your window.
Greet the world with loving eyes,
Be one with nature in smiling guise.

Let dainty feet dance on grass,
Not brown nor black, but emerald class!
May birdly songs fill your ear, 
Tender and sweet throughout the year.

Let rolling waves drown your fears,
And surface in you a heart so clear.
Be great, as the great old trees,
Whose branches reach for heaven to see.

Ride with the wind Moon Willow.
Lift the spirits of those down below.
May your innocence linger in our souls.
That your gentle heart be reflected on us all.

Moon Willow! Moon Willow! Be our guide.
A single light in our darkest hide.
Moon Willow! Moon Willow! Hear our plea.
Teach us right, that goodness we might see.

The End

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