a train is coming.

I can hear the clattering tracks,

quarreling wheels, warning whistle,


You said you would come here.

You said we would meet and start again,

but my window pane is frosted with the breath

of waiting.

And another day of frost bitten fingers

standing at the station, hoping this time

you will come here,

you said we would meet and start again.

You said go to Montreal.

And it won't be long

until you found me.

Go to Montreal,

it is there you can finally be free,

and we will meet and start again.

You said we'd be in Montreal

before the September leaves turned into dreams

and fell beneath my feet.

a train is leaving.

I listen to its echoed journey

disappear into the night.

Here, beneath the amber lights,

I'm in Montreal

and the snow is drifting all around me.

I'm in Montreal,

a place you've never seen.


a place where we could meet

and start again.

The End

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