a creak, a step. 
somebody stops. 
or, rather, something

because it's funny how
every day of our lives, 
we are fed the rhyme
"stranger danger"

yet they never teach us about
the barbed wire that lurks in our
minds, deep inside where the light doesn't touch

i suggest that you, 
failure of an education system,
stop taking liberties with your teaching

because it took experiencing it first-hand
to fully understand what depression is

it starves away your life, 
leaves you aching for assurances
and forever self-conscious

did you know that a week ago, 
my mother had to tell me that 
my friends are friends with me
not just because i hang onto them

did you know that was a revelation for me,
that i was not completely worthless?

i have spent my entire life not being good enough. 
and i will go skydiving with my height-afraid self
before i let anybody go through that again. 

so don't you dare tell me it isn't relevant,
depression is the Black Plague of my generation,
i see it every day in my hallways,
i see it every day in classrooms,
i see it every day on the subway,
i see it every day lining the streets,
i see it every day staring back from my mirror. 

so back it up and listen for once. 

what i had never been educated about
was the fact that we are taught all these rules:
look both ways when crossing the street,
always stop at a stop sign, 
etcetera, etcetera. 

yet we are never really told
that we're keeping an eye out for 
fictional monsters while 
the real ones slumber inside us. 

The End

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