Monster Seeds

Be careful what you grow in your garden.

The terror of a thousand creeds

Pandemonium, monster seeds

Where they came from, we don’t know

But this is how the legend grows.


Roots extend in fertile soil

For long thereafter we must toil.

Water them with tender care

But do not touch them, do not dare.


No one sees our garden here

A place of life or a place of fear?

These aren’t flowers, these aren’t weeds

All they do is feed and feed.


The sun beats down on our tired necks

Could it be that we’ve been hexed?

So strangely does this garden grow

They want food and we must go

To bring them things, warm and alive

So these monster seeds can thrive.


The maddened love of a thousand eyes

Feeding us such sweet, sweet lies

They won’t harm us cause’ they care

We have helped them. They’ll be fair.


But we are live things, sadly true

Could it be they want us too?

We nurtured them for hours and hours

But they’re not weeds or trees or flowers.


The horror in our minds and hearts!

We are merely human Marts

Here in their new feeding lair

They’ll consume us cause’ they care.











The End

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