Scrounging around, seeking crumbs on the floor…

A mongrel… Neglected, beaten, kicked, and ignored.

Tied to a Master who couldn’t care less,

Still a heart, ever hopeful, beats true in her chest.


Master knows not how much power He wields…

Nor that His actions control the way that she feels.

How every beat of her heart whispers His name…

He’s her secret, her torture, her treasure, her shame.


Where once there was strength, there now is no more,

For that cowering, pathetic mess there on His floor.

Once her head was held high, now it’s lowered, disgraced,

 Tired of searching for love in His hard, concrete face.


Escape is an option; no ropes tie her down.

But His control, omnipresent, leaves her gagged, tied, and bound.

Unable to move, simply powerless to flee,

She prays He will hear her unspoken plea.


To hear her, to see her, right there at His feet,

Tattered and bruised…  Still, not yet admitting defeat…

Holding on tight to His world as it crumbles away,

She’s searching for something… a reason to stay.


Exhausted and broken, she nudges His hand…

Imploring her Master to please understand,

The power He holds… the lock and the key…

To take her heart in, or to just set it free.


When He points, she just goes, with tail between legs.

Too bitter to cry, much too shattered to beg.

A vision of misery, torn trust, and regret…

He’s a lesson in heartbreak she won’t soon forget.


Yet, somewhere inside, in a deep pool of shame,

She knows what would happen if He called her name.

She’d return in an instant, though He’s torn her apart.

Although it’s in pieces, He’s Master of her heart.

The End

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