Money, Money

Money, Money a wonder and a marvel. Watch then grow, watch them fall Now lets see what happens next

Money Money

Watch it grow and watch them fall

A wonder and a marvel

Now lets see what happens next

One million

Woop dee doo

I hit the jackpot

Lots to do

Five hundred thousand

Halfway through

What can I buy 

There's less to do

One hundred thousand

I'm running out of money

I'd better stop squandering 

Before I run out

Five thousand

I've spent too much

I need to stop

Before lunch

One thousand

Whats going on?

I just can't stop

Please help me

One hundred

I'm really out of money

I desperately need money

I need more


I'm in serious debt

I need more money

I'll starve to death


I'm officially broke

My money's gone

I need money

Money, Money

I've run out of money

I need money

I'm officially poor

The End

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