Mona Lisa's SmileMature

By Mooky Blaylock

She came over late at night
She banged upon my door
"Jeez, what the hell. It's late" I said
"Can I come in?" she said

The rain has licked her skin until it was freezing smooth
Her make-up has run from her eyes
as if the thick black tar of sadness 
pumped through her heart 
and left her filled to the brim

"Come in" I said
And I fixed her a drink
She was hitting the hard stuff
Scotch I think?

Looking at this perfect mess
A canvas painted in abstract
With colours of confused emotion
telling a tale of chaos consumed

She told me she didn't believe in love
"That bastard" this and "asshole" that
I listened
She spoke
Every now and then she looked up
in search of reassurance

I told her that love was not real
A delusion of emotional intrusion
Where vulnerability was the price
for a shot in the dark at not being alone

She said "Make me feel beautiful tonight"
Special she said
I scratched my head
- What do you say to that? -

I could see in her eyes
She was desperately looking for a  jacket of reprieve
Before the drowning waters consumed the last of her
Condemning her to the belly of this bottomless beast

- What responsibility... -

"I have an idea" I said
She slightly lit as I turned and left
And then she lit her cigarette
The beautiful mess of perfect artistry

I returned with my 70-200mm hand cannon
"What's that?" she asked
"I want to lend you my eyes tonight
I want you to see what I see"

She almost laughed "I don't think tonight is right"
"Well if not tonight, then when shall ever be right?"
She struggled to find me through the tears
as she shrugged with a smile
"That's perfect right there. Hold it." I said

Not a word was spoken
As we drank and smoked
whilst lightning flashed through the night
A story of fury that clashed with sadness 
tied by the innigma of desolation
as we stepped outside the lines of time

She made love to me through the lens
She showed me a woman behind a door
We danced through the movement of the room
enchanted by the lack of sense needed

And despite what you may think
We did not even indulge
For the dance itself meant more than the deed alone

Hours floated by and dusk came lurking
"Thank you" she said
As she left elegantly eloquent
All I could do was nod "Your okay?" I asked
In return she gave me the gift of Mona Lisa's smile

Now as I sit here Today
Enraptured by the abstract canvas
Entranced by the mood of her eyes
The best work I've ever done
The work she never came to see
Will never be viewed
By eyes other than me

Wherever you have gone
May the sadness not have been in vain
And happiness found it's way through the pain
As to live these days free without the need for
Mona Lisa's smile

The End

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