Mommy please

My real mother wasn't a part of my life for 14 years. Then she finally contacted me. So, here in this poem I'm pleading to her. For her to not leave me again for another 14 years.

Mommy please don't let me go,
don't let me be your second priority
because, for 14 years you'd left me
before I could see you;
my mother who'd brought me here.

Did you not love me?
I dared to ask myself
and was I what you wanted
I dared to think of.

For years I stood here in pain
and you stood so far away
I'd began to wonder if.
If you'll always be just a thought in my mind
because, you didn't just leave me for 14 years.
You've left me here all alone letting me wonder
and blame myself for your leaving.

Mommy please don't let me go
don't leave me behind again
for another 14 years.
 Mommy please love me its all i ask

The End

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