I was sitting at my computer a long while ago and my little brother's room is pretty well right beside me, in the other room.
I heard my mom reading to him, and talking, just.. so softly, almost gently, and I just picked up my pencil and started writing - this was the result.

Tonight I can hear her singing softly,
She's trying to put him to sleep.
I listen to her speak and I begin to wonder,
When was it she did that for me?

I have this strange feeling inside of me,
Like my happiness is being pulled away from me,
Like inside, I'm empty, there's nothing left to feel.

I almost feel like asking her to hold me,
The way she once did.

I almost feel like begging her to sing to me,
The way she once did.

I miss the old days,
Not a care in the world!
If you scraped your knees,
She kissed it better,
You kept running.

She had my full trust, my undying love,
But nowadays I feel hollow, empty,
Like I never once loved her
The way that little girl once had.

Tonight I can hear her speaking softly, 
Reading him a bedtime story,
Wishing him good dreams,
And I wonder where it all went.

Tonight I sit here writing,
To no one but me,
Hoping that someday,
She might see,

I miss my mommy.

The End

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