Momma Told Me

I guess this is in prose o.O i dont really know- i never paid that much attention during that one week of poetry (-.-) i always just wrote-

a little bit of background though- im adopted by my great aunt, but she is and will always be mum. but "momma" is referring to me biological mother. hope that helps clear things up a tad.

Momma said there would be days like this-days when nothing goes right,and everything goes wrong-that one day even the birds would choke while singing their songs.She said there would be days when the odds,and the evens, would be hell-bent on ruining me- but she never said there would be nights spent dreaming of things that could never happen no matter how hard i tried, how long i dreamed, no matter how badly my heart fell-i learned that dreams are only dreams. This i learned on my own.i learned how feelings can cause mental breakdowns,make barriers between mind and reality and that hearts can die without the rest of the world noticing-

Momma taught me the basics of heartbreaks,but i became a level expert on my own.she told me that some days, the world will be bleak, no sunshine in sight,and that all the flowers in this garden of life will wither and die-now,momma has a green thumb so i didn't believe her words back then;since then i learned that heaven was built by those who sinned and i understand now what her words meant-once the sun goes down, even you aren't your own friend.

Momma told me there would be days that no matter how much i consumed, i'd never be satisfied. That no matter the quantities i devoured, i would always want more- more life, more substance, more attention- until i was addicted to MORE.  but you see, momma never said a word to me- momma's been gone for years. i dont even know her face- all i have is her genes and her addictions, her tainted legacy, her  shadow of nothingness that haunts me.

But, MUM, mum, she thinks she knows me, and she fears for me- blood is thicker than water, and thus record my blood's bitter tendencies. 

The End

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