Moments Like This

Moments like this, I get high from breathing sun dust and thick clouds
I stand on the rooftop watching the clouds soar through the sun's rays
I can't help but let my pen do all the talking
As my expressions and words finally hit the air
Moments like this, I have to remand still
So that life, won't past me by, and I can feel time tick on
Doing me, feels so right, and not letting no one direct me
No one controls my arms, legs and heart, anymore
Losing people that used me for my smarts
Dropping people that wanted me for my resources
but with moments like this, and them no longer around me
Its like a taking a sip of hot cocoa and letting it sooth your soul
Or being sucked up in a good book, under the sheets, lost in daydream
Seeing a loved one after so much time apart or getting a good back rub
Moment like this, need to be cherished and not taken advantage of.
Get caught up in the wind, allow it to fill up your lungs
Rest your body in hot waters, stare into the sky
Talk with your friends, crack a joke and laugh hard
Take a break from going hard, and allow your to breathe
Moments like this, I can see the impossible
I stand on the rooftop watching my melodies come to life on the sun's rays
as I get high off life...

The End

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