This is my small feelings for my mom i love her the most ..

Days pass
But,love of her never change

She is an angel.
And she is my fairy
She showed me world

When i look up an stare at stars
I think of you
who brought me into this world

I can never forget …
The way you Loved me
When Dad used to yell at me
But u cared me
let me Sleep in your arms
I used to dream about !!!!
Toys u brought me ..

And Contended you are
Seeing my jovial Face
How you never held back
Your Love !!!!!

Even when I could do
Nothing for you !!!!!!

Now I want to reached a place
When all I want
Is to Reward your
Sacrifices !!!!!

I know that what you
Have done for me
Can never be
Repaid in full

But I’d still like to try ….
But it was painful in my heart
when i see you ..

Cry ..
I use to wipe those tears with innocent smile
U saw the world in my eyes and be happy
u thought that i was world to you

For Me , u are precious to me
Your the boon

mom ..

The End

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