From the day we were born, there was always someone who was there waiting for us, welcomed us warmly to this world. They let us breath the air, taught us to walk on earth, took us to the most beautiful place we could imagine. Most of all, they love us with unlimited, pure love , probably larger than life itself. And that one is always been our mother. I wrote this poem during my mom staying in hospital, trying to recover from stroke.

In this rain,
the green-sky above, will fall
the grey-earth below, will shake
every little heart of men, will die out
and all their shinning eyes, will cry
those nights you know, will get old
all the lights you adore, will go off
every 'love' around you, will get singed
all those red 'suns', will lark at this 'earth'
but you are the one, mom;
you gave us hopes for our fallen hearts
brought us peace to our darken souls,
you are the gardener of all the love
in home.

The End

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