Modern Taboo

When I've received more hate than I've given for being "hateful", you'd think I'd deserve a bit of hate. But the only way to fight hate is to love.

I am closed minded
Because I believe in something I cannot see
I am a hypocrite
Because I say I like honey but cry at the sting of a bee
I am ignorant
Because my parents raised me to know every side to a story
I am hateful
Because other people's hate is somehow associated with me
I am weak
Because I ignore insults from my closest friends daily
I am annoying
Because I try to share my joy with others for free
I am prejudiced
Because I believe everyone is human and lovely
I am naive
Because I take the time to look into the other side's studies
I am fallible
Because I am a human with a bigger belief
I am judgmental
Because it's the suffering of others I truly pity
I am self-righteous
Because I believe I am flawed and in need of repairing

I am Christian
Because I love J**us
A name of taboo in this modern-day city

The End

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