Beautiful woman walks up to stage,
displays her sexy rage,
her cleavage to the cameras.

Tiny photoshop beads of sweat,
black miniskirt covering dead meat,
her back displayed to all of us.

She loves us for making her stay
You wouldn't have it any other way,
 she goes home and cries.

You're in constant total love.
Heaven smiling from above,
you go home and fantasize.

Beautiful woman walks in front of your eyes
Another voluptuous, sensual night of lies
Her shining, creamy, silicon skin.

Tonight she'll strip her organs out
Her liver for you to rave about
A thin , lifeless body within.

Tomorrow you'll read it on the news
Your friends will give you personal views
And then you'll have chicken for dinner.

You'll put on your clothes and shoes
You'll wonder if she was your muse
And you'll think you were a born sinner.

The End

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