Its a powerful feeling i have felt for so very long now im letting my words spill like the blood used to

Suicide has many faces like a mask that we all wear

I used to listen to others as i was falling from the tear

Getting older the pain never really faded just got another mask to cover my face

But as the thoughts proceed to rise im no longer the one on this stage for i've been replaced

I used to be the only one that could feel the things i am feeling now

But now i have seen that a lot of people feel the same way and i know how

Remember the pain and the suffering that we went through and how we thought we were weak

But as i stand here with the scars of what my past once held i begin to speak

That I am still depressed and wanting to die but i hold on to a small glimmer of hope

For as long as i have the thoughts i am in danger of hanging from this rope

For as long as i can speak i know i will always have one last word

Soon i will spread my wings and follow my friend: My Mockingbird

The End

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